Monday, December 20, 2010

About recent design changes

Hello friends, as I have noticed, adding loads of external widgets make blogger very slow, so I have decided to remove all of it, even, including the SyntaxHighlighter 3.0, which have had some other problems as well. I switched back to SyntaxHighlighter 2.1 which are hosted on my free server. Now the blog is significantly fast looks prettier than it was before.

The blog stat widget I have added is now from originally google's blogger, and it is more accurate than any other third-party free hit counters or so.

However, I was eager to know is it possible to add some right panel items as different pages, not sure if it is possible or not. A few more design changes are also about to come, as I am adding some more css to the template. I will be glad to get any feedback on that.

Thanks for understanding.

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