Monday, January 3, 2011

Story of Centipede

The centipede was very good at walking with its hundred legs. It never spent a thought on just how it could walk. Until one day, when a big black bug asked the centipede “How can you manage to walk with all those feet? Don’t you find it hard to coordinate their rhythm?” The black bug already left, when the centipede was still sitting down, pondering how it could walk, wondering, and (for the first time in his life) even worrying a little bit. From that day on, the centipede couldn’t walk anymore.

So you better not think too much if you want to achieve something.


  1. Hey dude, visited ur blog nearly after a year and shiverly timbers, u developed some (and i mean some) skill in web development. By the way is this post dedicated to me ?? I feel a funny feeling that i would be a perfect fit for ur centipede.... Nice looking design keep it up.

  2. Hi Munna, it's good to see you back :D
    And about the design, I will take your words as a complement <3
    Thanks :D