Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Writing My Own Shell

Hello everyone, I am back after a huge pause, actually I was busy for nothing the past few months, and felt the necessity to write something here. So I am going to note down something I recently did. I just finished writing my own shell program for linux, which is simple, doesn't support piping or redirection, but most of the features are available, so, it actually looks like the common "sh" shell. I am not going to describe the big code, you have to understand what it is doing :p

The source code. Its free to use. I have written the whole code by myself and surely I am not an expert, so if anything happens to your computer, I don't know you :p

To compile, you can use this makefile in su mode (note tab character is important).

Some features, you can invoke single commands like this:

$ doit <command [arguments...]>

Also, you can start the shell by simply calling it without any argument:

$ doit

Then it will behave like a shell program and you can give commands one by one just like a simple shell. It implements its own "cd", "pwd" and "jobs" command (you should know what they mean). You can call background processes by appending & at the end of the command... and so on. You can display resource utilizations as well. Just dig through the code, I will enhance it more if I get time :)

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