Monday, December 30, 2013

Repository Transfer

Finally I have removed all of my github repositories. I have been getting request from a lot of people for removing the repositories or making them private. As github charges too much for maintaining private repositories, I have decided to switch to bitbucket, another wonderful free git server. All of my repositories are set as private. Sorry for the inconvenience. There are already plenty of sites where one can find solutions for online judge problems. My repositories were never intended to be known as a place where you get all the beautiful solutions and then just copy-paste them from your account. That is just meaning-less, stupid and of no good use of-course. Still if you want to see any of my noob-ish solutions, please send me an email.

Thanks for understanding and happy problem solving. I think I am now retired from all these beautiful little things. I will miss these programming contests forever...


  1. Not all miss use man , only some will always be like that those who just copy paste blindly without passion for programming , as far I have seen you're a very good passionate programmer and some other passionate programmers are there still if they get stuck somewhere in for days may be they tend to refer to hints online and your github profile will be the first that google search recommends and they follow you I guess :P . Sometimes I too got stuck up in a problem once for identifying the state variables for some formulations or in one other case I was having no idea how to proceed with a minimal idea about the problem then while I was searching online for hints I landed in once in one of your solutions which gave the idea to crack my mystery and some of my friends have also told that they just view a better programmer's solution in order for good ideas and implementations from their own naive ideas so you're like one inspiration to many people . Anyway just wanted to say this to you :D from now onward people just have to think more which is good always . . . . . everything is for good and all that happens is for good !!!!

    1. Thanks mate, and if you still want to see them, just open a bitbucket account and send me your email address.