Thursday, May 3, 2012

CSEDU Training 2012 Week 1

Today, we discussed several data structure dependent problems from this page. Most of them are classical type, i.e. common problems and we found the solution ideas quite interesting.

Here is the summery:
#0: Lazy propagation and slicing (compressing search space) ideas in segment tree.
#1: Finding number of intersecting points among axis parallel line segments.
#2: Perimeter and area of union of rectangles.
#3: Finding points in number of rectangles and rectangles covering points.
#4: Sliding window ideas, finding maximal number of points covered by a rectangle placed arbitrarily.
-- and a few others.

After the discussion, we solved this problem to test if we were able to learn anything at all.

Hopefully, the next class, we will have a discussion on the problems on APIO:2007

Problems to be solved before the next class:

All are from

Edit: A virtual contest has been arranged. Visit this link.

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