Friday, May 11, 2012

CSEDU Training 2012 Week 2

Problems from APIO 2007 were discussed and the solutions seem to be not that hard (well that happens whenever someone tells you the solutions).  A few more data structure based solutions were discussed along with problems from last week's virtual contest.

Next day we will be discussing on APIO 2008 problems, and the problem from tonight's virtual contest. A famous problem from SPOJ is discussed (problem code: CHAIN). I have already seen this problem before but could not manage to solve it and all I got was numerous infamous WA (wrong answer). Shanto vai gave as a different type of simpler solution based on weighted union-find structure (really I heard this for the first time in my life today).

From next week, the classes will be held from 2:30PM instead of 4PM as now, and they will be extended up to 5:30PM hopefully.

Edit: A virtual contest has been arranged. Visit this link.

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